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Why can't the air filter be used normally during use?

Feb. 20, 2019

      Air filters need to be used everywhere, especially some filters, air conditioners, etc. are used. However, during use, the user will also find that the device will inevitably have some faults, which may cause the device to be unable to operate normally. Experienced users have also made detailed analysis for everyone. Today we will take a quick look together and effectively help you solve more problems. There are many faults that are easy to occur during the use of air filters. HEPA high-efficiency filters are not able to operate normally and have a cause for these faults.

   First, a large amount of dust is accumulated inside the air filter. When using the device, it is inevitable that some dust will enter the device, some will be well filtered, but some large particles will adhere directly to the filter. If it is not cleaned in time, more and more particles will be added, especially It is dust, but it will be more difficult to clean up. Over time, the dust blocks the filter, so the equipment is naturally difficult to operate normally. If the device is not working properly for this reason, the easiest way is to use a hair dryer to blow off the dust on the filter screen, or use a brush with a soft hair brush.

   Second, the air filter is deformed. After the filter is deformed, there will be certain difficulties in the installation, and it will not be normal during the use. The mandatory use will definitely cause certain problems for the equipment. If the filter is deformed, it may be because it is exposed to the sun after cleaning, or it is baked on the fire, and it is extremely easy to cause deformation. If the filter is severely deformed, the easiest way is to replace a new filter directly. If it is not serious, you can use a pair of tweezers to improve the shape of the filter. However, the service life of the improved filter will not last long. It is recommended to replace it with a new one in three or five months, and the effect will be better. There must be certain faults in the use of the air filter, but the most important thing is how to solve these faults. The above is a simple analysis. From the analysis point of view, we can also know that the maintenance of the air filter is also very important. If you do this, then a filter is not a big problem for half a year.

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