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Do you know HEPA high efficiency filters?

Feb. 20, 2019

        To better understand the filtration industry, you must know the HEPA efficient filter, which is The unique embodiment of the high-efficiency air filter, and can meet the basic standards of HEPA, the following is a professional introduction for everyone. The HEPA high-efficiency filter has a very high removal rate, especially for fine particles, which not only removes smoke or dust, but also isolates bacteria and other contaminants. Therefore, the sales volume in the market is very high, even if the diameter of the particles is only 0.3 microns, it is still unable to break through the obstacles of such filters. From the point of view of technical indicators, the material of HEPA high-efficiency filter has different characteristics, including pp filter paper and glass fiber, in addition to melt-blown polyester non-woven fabric. The different materials give the filter a different process, and then form the basic characteristics of the large dust holding capacity. The overall filtration precision of the filter is very high and has a custom function. After the customer proposes the size and shape requirements, the manufacturer will carry out related processing and processing, and then meet everyone's requirements. At present, HEPA high-efficiency filters can be used in many environments, such as the operating room, in addition to animals or crystal laboratories, even in aviation. The technical characteristics of HEPA high-efficiency filter are very worth learning. It uses a seamless sealing technology to ensure a good sealing effect, greatly prolonging the service life, and basically no leakage problems. If you look at the filter material of the device, you will find that it is added to the metal mesh, with double-sided features and varying thicknesses. People can adjust according to the use environment. If the efficiency is investigated, there are related industry standards that are worthy of reference. Generally speaking, this type of filter has different filtering grades, such as U15, U16, etc. It has different structural forms, and is divided into two types: a partition and a non-separator, which have a strong air volume. Recognized by everyone. Not only that, but the price of HEPAhigh-efficiency filter is not high, so the market sales have not been low. It has a special industry testing standard, you can read the relevant requirements of GB/T 13554-2008 "High Efficiency Air Filter". When it comes to detection methods, there are many types. In addition to the well-known sodium flame method, there are oil mist method or counting method. The detection methods are relatively simple. Although the principles are different, they can meet the specific requirements of everyone. 

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