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Hebei Lianrun auto parts Co., Ltd. won the recognition of high-tech enterprises

Jun. 06, 2022

Warm congratulations to our company for obtaining the national "high-tech enterprise certificate"

   With our professional R&D team, strong technical strength, continuous innovation ability and scientific enterprise management, our company has been successfully recognized as a national high-tech enterprise. On December 1, 2021, the company received the "high-tech enterprise" certificate jointly issued by the Hebei Provincial Department of Science and Technology, the Department of Finance and the Taxation Bureau. The qualification period for high-tech enterprises is three years. National high-tech enterprise ranks.

Hebei Lianrun auto parts Co., Ltd. won the recognition of high-tech enterprises

   The national high-tech enterprise is a special qualification established by the state to support and encourage the development of high-tech enterprises, adjust the industrial structure and enhance the national economic competitiveness. It occupies a very important strategic position in my country's economic development. For more than ten years, high-tech enterprises have been highly valued by governments at all levels, and various policy measures have been adopted to encourage and support the development of high-tech enterprises.

Hebei Lianrun auto parts Co., Ltd. won the recognition of high-tech enterprises

     The selection criteria for the identification of national high-tech enterprises are very strict and need to be evaluated layer by layer. First of all, it must be a strategic emerging industry supported by the state, including: cultural and creative industry, Internet industry, new energy industry, new generation information technology industry, biological industry, new material industry, etc. At the same time, the conditions to be met for the identification of this qualification mainly include that the core technology must have independent intellectual property rights, the products or services belong to the scope of high-tech fields, the ability to transform scientific and technological achievements, R&D investment, the proportion of scientific and technological talents, and growth indicators. Therefore, the identification of high-tech enterprises is a powerful proof of our company's technological innovation, rapid growth of R&D and broad development prospects.

    In the application stage, our team members finally successfully passed the review and evaluation after months of hard work. This time, it was rated as a national high-tech enterprise, which will further promote the company's independent innovation and independent research and development process.

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