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The Importance Of Air Filters For Cars

Jun. 03, 2022

For a car, the presence of an air filter is not eye-catching because it has little to do with the technical performance of the car. However, in the use of automobiles, air filters have a non-negligible effect on the service life of automobiles. Therefore, maintaining the Automotive Air Filters on schedule is very important for the car.

With the increasing environmental pollution, the content of respirable suspended particulates in the air is getting higher and higher. If these suspended particles enter the cylinders of automobile engines, a large amount of colloidal substances and tiny wearable particles will affect the combustion of automobile engines. Sufficientness, which in turn enters the cylinders and pistons in the engine, causes wear on the piston-related components, resulting in degraded engine performance. The role of the car air filter is to form a filter barrier between the air entering the cylinder, completely blocking the suspended particles outside the cylinder, and ensuring a sufficient amount of intake air, thus ensuring that the power of the car engine is not lost. Next, our Clean Room Air Purifier Filter Supplier introduces you to the importance of air filters for cars.

Pay attention to quality when purchasing air filters. Most car owners now choose 4s when they change the air filter, but if you have a deep understanding of the car structure, it is very simple to replace the car filter by yourself. Whether you are replacing it at a 4s store or replacing it yourself, it involves the purchase of a new air filter. Since many owners do not know the role of air filters very well, they often choose cheaper and lower quality air filters. These poor air filters have general air filtration capabilities, especially for fine suspended particles. The ability is poor, and the physical stability is poor, and long-term use is bound to lead to a decline in the performance of the car engine, fuel consumption has risen sharply.

Do not remove the car air filter at will. Some car owners think that the car air filter does not play much role. After a new car has been used for a period of time, the air filter has been completely blocked, and the air filter is simply removed and replaced. As a result, the performance of the car engine may not be affected in a short period of time, but in the long run, the wear of the car engine is very serious.

Air filters should be flexible. Most private car owners know the importance of replacing the car air filter, but when replacing the car air filter, but because of the limitations of the car maintenance operation instructions, according to the number of mileage provided by the guide, then replace the car filter. However, due to the difference in the degree of pollution in the city, the corresponding number of suspended particles is different. If it is in a heavily polluted northern city, the replacement and maintenance of the car air filter cannot be easily carried out according to the instructions. The state is obviously abnormal, so the maintenance cycle should be shortened to improve the quality of the car filter. This is the right way to maintain.

Vehicle Purifier Filter Core

Vehicle Purifier Filter Core 

As we just mentioned, although air filters are not important components for automobiles, air filters have a non-negligible effect on the service life of automobiles. So how much do you know about the cleaning of car air filters?

The correct way to clean the car air filter is to lightly shock. Before cleaning, it is necessary to protect the Vehicle Purifier Filter Core to ensure that it is not subject to secondary pollution. Secondly, it is necessary to protect the outlet pipe. Do not let the dust that has been shaken down to be scattered into the clean outlet pipe. You can gently shake the filter a few times on the ground to allow some of the impurities attached to the filter paper to fall off. Sometimes people often have misunderstandings, thinking that the new clean filter must be the best when the filter is the best, but it is not. When some impurities are attached to the filter paper, the fiber mechanism is denser, and the filtering effect is better. Therefore, it is not necessary to clean the air filter frequently and frequently. Clean the car air filter. If your vehicle is a passenger car, it is recommended not to clean it, but to replace it with a new air filter. Because whether it is washed or blown, it will destroy the fiber structure of the filter paper and affect the filtration effect. In fact, the cleaning process will destroy the filter more or less. It is recommended to replace the filter to ensure the service life of the filter system.

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