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The Cleaning Method Of Midea Air Purifier Filter

Jun. 03, 2022

The air purifier filter is suitable for filtering various functions of the household air purifier filtration system, and it is mainly used for filtering toxic organic micro-particles of formaldehyde and PM2.5 in the air. As the core of the air purifier, the filter plays a key role in the air purification process, especially the HEPA Filter Air Filter. Its main working attribute is the filtration of PM2.5, thereby achieving air purification. The filter used in the air purifier mainly includes a pre-filter, a multi-function filter, an activated carbon filter, a HEPA filter, a photo-catalyst filter, a cold catalyst filter, and a humidification filter. So how to clean the Midea air purifier?

HEPA Filter Air Filter

HEPA Filter Air Filter

The cleaning methods are shared by professional Midea Air Purifiers Filter Manufacturer:

Different cleaning techniques and solutions for different problems also require air purifiers to use different filters, but there are so many types of filters, and they have different cleaning and replacement options. With the increase of the use time of the air purifier adopting filtration and adsorption technology, the internal filter net will gradually become saturated. If it is not cleaned or replaced in time, the efficiency of purifying air will decrease. The first layer of filter commonly used inside air purifiers is a pre-filter that resembles a large air-conditioning filter that pre-filters large particulate contaminants such as hair and pet hair. However, when it is used for a long time, it will accumulate a certain amount of dust, thus affecting the intake air and affecting the effect of air purification, so it is necessary to clean it in time.

1. Pre-filter

It can effectively remove large dust, mold and animal hair, and protect other filters.

Cleaning: it is recommended to carry out cleaning once a month. When cleaning, you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the surface dust and then wash it.

2. Allergen filter

Filter out allergens such as pollen from the air and pet hair.

Cleaning: It is recommended to clean once a month. This filter can't be washed. After using it for a while, it can be beaten and dusted.

3. Activated carbon carbon filter

Generally used to remove odors from the air. Active carbon charcoal has always been considered as one of the best materials for odor removal. Therefore, in recent years, the application of activated carbon in deodorization products, whether it is home, refrigerator, for most odors, it can play a good role. effect.

Cleaning: this layer of filter can not be manually cleaned, the recommended replacement cycle is generally six months.

4.HEPA filter

HEPA is an internationally recognized and best high-efficiency filter material. Originally used in nuclear energy research and protection. HEPA is now widely used in places requiring high cleanliness such as precision laboratories, pharmaceutical production, atomic research and surgery. HEPA is made up of very fine organic fibers. It has strong ability to capture particles, has small pore size, large adsorption capacity, high purification efficiency, and water absorption. The particle purification rate for 0.3 micron is 99.97%. That is to say, only 3 of every 10,000 particles can penetrate the HEPA filter membrane. Therefore, its effect of filtering particulate matter is very obvious! If it is used to filter cigarettes, the filtration effect can be almost 100%, because the size of the particles in the cigarette is between 0.5 and 2 microns, and the membrane cannot pass through the HEPA filter.

Cleaning: HEPA filters are generally not washable, and replacement is recommended when using for 6 months. The HEPA filter used by LG can be washed, but since each washing will affect the effect of the filter, it is recommended that the number of cleaning be less than 16 times.

After watching the air purifier filter cleaning method, everyone remembers to go back to cleaning more. In addition, the pollution in modern society is getting more and more serious. The place where we live is stinking every day, not only affecting our mood, but also affecting us. Life is healthy, so don't question whether the air purifier is useful.

If you have any other questions about Midea Air Purifiers Filter, feel free to contact us.

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