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How To Check The Activated Carbon Filter?

Jun. 03, 2022

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Activated Carbon Pre Filters

Activated Carbon Pre Filters

The inspection work of the activated carbon filter must be done well. If the inspection work can be done in time, many problems can be avoided in time, which can make the filter work efficiency, work stability and user's personal safety. How can we do the inspection of activated carbon filters? What should we start with? Original Activated Carbon Filter Paper Factory tells you.

1. Check the installation phase. After purchasing the activated carbon filter, the enterprise needs to check. During the inspection, pay attention to whether the parts of the activated carbon filter are damaged. If it is damaged, it needs to be repaired in time, and then the installation is correct after the inspection.

2. The inspection work needs to be done during the trial operation. For example, if you are testing the water pressure, check if there is any leakage. If there is any water leakage, you need to tighten the corresponding parts. Check the inner rubber layer. If there is any abnormality, you need to repair it as soon as possible. If there is any stain, you need to clean it. Check the parts to see if they are neat, if there is any inclination, if there is any looseness, if there is any omission, and if it is found, the problem should be dealt with immediately; check the opening and closing of the valve and check the leakage to see if the opening and closing operation is normal. Whether there is leakage phenomenon, etc.; check whether the filter material has been filled according to the demand; check whether the pressure value is normal everywhere, we remind everyone that the pressure abnormality indicates that there is a problem inside the equipment, if the abnormality needs to take corresponding measures as soon as possible.

3. Check the daily operation. In the daily operation of the activated carbon filter, it is also necessary to do the corresponding inspection work, such as checking whether there is water leakage in the activated carbon filter; when the valve is switched, whether there is abnormal shaking phenomenon; Whether the values of each pressure gauge are normal, if the pressure is abnormal, you should find the problem as soon as possible. We remind everyone that in the daily work inspection, the corresponding record work should be done, and feedback should be made regularly.

When using activated carbon filters, inspection work is very important. If the corresponding inspection work is not done, some abnormalities may have appeared, but the user is unaware, which leads to poor filtration. Activated carbon filter can't work stably, and even some potential dangers threaten the operator's personal safety. We recommend that you check the work from the above aspects to make the activated carbon filter work more stable. Equipment is also safer to use.

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