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To determine the method for the purifier to replace the filter element

Jun. 03, 2022

1. with air detector

If the previous data of the air detector is normal, suddenly the indoor air quality is much higher than before, and the qualified indoor air quality is not achieved. At this time, the filter element needs to be replaced. Many air purifiers have automatic detection function, but the detection. The air quality near the air purifier does not represent the air quality of the entire room. It is recommended to use an air detector.

2. the purifier system automatically judges

In the wifi mode, many machines are smarter. You can automatically calculate the filter life of the air purifier according to your accumulated usage time and indoor operating environment. When the service life is less than 10%, you can replace it. It is.

3. judge according to time

If the purifier is not intelligent, it can be judged according to the time. Under normal pollution level, the air purifier allows 24 hours per day at normal wind speed (third speed), and the bottom HEPA network changes about half a year to one year. The multi-purpose filter can be replaced once a year to a year and a half, and the top-most fine-filtered HEPA mesh can be replaced in one and a half to two years.

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