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What Are The Types Of HEPA Filters?

Dec. 21, 2019

I believe that many people are not very clear about high-efficiency filters. Maybe some people have heard about filters. Today let’s take a look at what high-efficiency filters do. Everyone knows that air pollution is serious now, and various emerging products are also emerging. In our life, one of the accessories for these products is the filter. Please read the introduction of the HEPA Filter supplier carefully below.

Filters are widely used in industry. Its main function is to capture particulate dust and various suspended matters, and it mainly functions as a filter. And the effect is different according to different materials and it is characterized by better filterability, low resistance and strong adsorption. High Efficiency Collect Dust Hepa Filter is basically used in industrial production.

High Efficiency Collect Dust Hepa Filter

High Efficiency Collect Dust Hepa Filter

The types of high-efficiency filters are also divided into partitioned filters and non-separated filters. There is essentially no difference between them. In general, the filter with a separator is made of ultra-fine glass fiber as filter paper, and aluminum foil as a separator is combined with a wooden frame or an aluminum alloy frame. Its advantages are good filtering effect, low resistance, and air volume. This filter is widely used in purification equipment and clean plants.

The filter without separator also uses ultra-fine glass fiber as the filter paper. Compared with the separator with the same volume, the HEPA high-efficiency filter has the advantages of smaller size, light weight, and reliable performance. The comparison result of the two is that under the same size, the filter without the partition has the advantages of less resistance and longer service life.

Choosing the right filter first depends on our own needs. Different material effects are also different, we must consider based on several points when we choose. The first is the scale of the manufacturer. The size of a scale also determines the quality and variety of the product. We chose it for convenience, so try to choose a large manufacturer. Secondly, it is cost-effective. Product selection is based on cost-effectiveness, and the price is too high. The last is after-sales service. When problems occur during the use of the product, they can be resolved in time.

The above is the role of high-efficiency filters and how to choose them. I believe that everyone also has a certain understanding of filters. With the improvement of living standards, people are also pursuing physical health, and filters are also entering people's lives. For example, Amway Air Purifier Filter can be used, so learn more about Future use will also help.

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