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What are the materials of the HEPA filter?

Feb. 20, 2019

        At present, HEPA mainly has five kinds of materials on the market, namely meltblown polyester non-woven fabric and meltblown glass fiber, PP filter paper, glass fiber and composite PP PET filter paper. Although the material is different, it has a common point: large dust holding capacity, large wind resistance and high filtration precision. In addition to this, HEPA filterin addition to the five materials mentioned above, there are also three kinds of high-efficiency filters, respectively, super HEPA high efficiency filter (purification efficiency up to 99.995%), antibacterial non-separator high efficiency air Filter and sub-HEPA high-efficiency filter Among them, the antibacterial non-separator high-efficiency air filter not only has strong antibacterial effect, but also can effectively prevent bacteria from invading the clean area, and the price is relatively affordable, so it becomes a large air purifier. The manufacturer's first choice.

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