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How To Choose An Air Purifier?

Jun. 03, 2022

In the fierce market competition, this year, major appliance manufacturers have stepped up research and development of new products. Brands such as Midea, Philips, Sharp, Panasonic, Hisense and Electrolux have released new air purifier products. Then, in the face of the market's dazzling array of air purification products, in addition to price considerations, what aspects should consumers pay attention to when choosing? Amway Air Purifier suppliers will come to tell you.

HEPA Air Purifier Filter For LG

HEPA Air Purifier Filter For LG

First, how to judge the air purifier suitable for you:

First, judge whether there is formaldehyde pollution in your room. If there is, then it is recommended to buy a product with strong formaldehyde removal ability. Nowadays, there are many new technologies for air purifiers. The dust particles are: activated carbon adsorption, electrostatic dust collection, HEPA high efficiency filtration, such as HEPA Air Purifier Filter For LG. For bacterial viruses: active oxygen, low temperature asymmetric plasma air purification. For the treatment of formaldehyde benzene series: molecular complexation, photocatalytic catalytic decomposition. In addition, negative oxygen ions are specifically for second-hand smoke, consumers should consider their own choices.

In addition, think about whether additional features are needed, such as increasing humidity, increasing negative ions, and increasing oxygen. There is also the need to consider post-maintenance costs, regular replacement of filters and additives, replacement of consumable parts, and warranty services.

Second, what to focus on when buying:

1, the amount of air: a good Household Purifier Air Filter ventilation speed must be fast, that is, the amount of air is large, expressed in the product manual as m3 / h, the greater the value the better.

2. Purification efficiency: Select products with high purification efficiency. Specifically, the removal rate and volatility of solid particles, the removal rate of organic matter, and the removal rate of formaldehyde can be seen. These three indicators are usually expressed as a percentage, and the larger the value, the better.

3. Filter: The performance of air purifiers above 70% depends on the filter. The mainstream air purifier has 3-4 layers of screens, and there are 5-6 layers on the tall ones. Each layer of filters is for different pollutants. For example, the pre-filter can absorb small dust particles and hair; the deodorizing filter Multi-finger activated carbon filter can remove sweat odor, pet smell and other odor; formaldehyde removal filter is specifically for formaldehyde; HEPA dust filter is used to remove fine particles such as dust, pollen, germs, second-hand smoke, dust.

Third, the air purifier should be maintained:

The air purifier should be regularly maintained. Consumers are advised to carefully read the instructions for the air purifier used and clean the filter as required. In general, the pre-filter can effectively remove large dust. It is recommended to clean it once a month. First, use the vacuum cleaner to remove the surface dust and then wash it. The allergen filter can filter out the pollen in the air and pets. Hair, etc., it is recommended to clean once a month, can not be washed, you can beat it to remove dust; activated carbon filter is generally used to remove the odor in the air, can not be washed, it is recommended to replace once every six months. The insiders suggest that when choosing an air purifier, it is not cheap, the key depends on the quality of the product and after-sales service. At the same time, consumers should choose the right function when purchasing, rather than the more functions, the better.

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