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What is the role of the new fan HEPA filter

Sep. 15, 2019

I believe everyone should know how serious the current air pollution is. You can see smog everywhere. In order to prevent the pollution of smog, there are various kinds of filters and the like on the market. Introducing the new fan HEPA filter, what is its role, please see below:


HEPA is the abbreviation of high efficiency air filter, which is the most effective filter medium for pollutants such as smoke, dust and bacteria.

HEPA filter materials mainly include PP filter paper, glass fiber filter paper, washable composite filter paper, meltblown non-woven fabric and meltblown glass fiber. The outer frame material can be made of paper frame, aluminum frame and plastic frame.

Characteristics: For 0.1-0.3um fine dust, the filtration efficiency can be as high as 97%-99.99% (the smoke particle diameter is 0.5 micron), which effectively removes dust, pollen, smoke, coal ash, bacteria, radioactive particles and impurities. Ions, which allow the air to be fully purified.

According to the filtration efficiency, air volume, resistance and other parameters, different material filter elements can be selected and processed into various sizes and shapes, which can be used by different air purifying models.

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