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Purification Principle of XIAOMI Air Purifier

Feb. 26, 2019

The surging power comes from the depth control of the airflow.

In order to better integrate technology into products and service life, Air Purifier has designed a new air flow path and In order to better integrate technology into products and service life, Mijia Air Purifier Pro has designed a new air flow path and pressurization system to create a CADR value of particulate matter up to 500 m/h, which exceeds the two millet air purifiers.

Integrated Forming Gas Feeding Grid

Dense grids cut clean air flow to make the outlet air more uniform. The design of rounded cross section of grids can reduce wind noise and resistance. Spray clean air evenly into the roof.

Axial fan

Axial fan accelerates the air passing through the duct again. The new nine-blade high inclination angle is designed.

The turbocharging effect of the fan blade is better than that of the previous one. The upward injection height is higher and the noise is reduced.

Closed-loop conical duct

The closed-loop conical duct with narrow bottom and wide upper makes the air flow through the centrifugal fan have better turbocharging effect.

The air duct plastic material is smoothed by surface treatment, which reduces friction, makes air flow more smoothly, has obvious noise reduction effect, and has lower wind energy loss.

Backward centrifugal fan

Engineers optimize the old turbofan. In the case of constant volume, the backward centrifugal structure makes the air volume and pressure larger, and suction increases accordingly.

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