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How to Choose Air Purifier

Mar. 19, 2019

The expertise you need to know before buying

Value CARD

Clean air volume refers to the volume of clean air produced by the machine every hour.

This is directly related to the area used. The higher the CARD value, the higher the purification efficiency and the larger the applicable area.


The cumulative purified quantity refers to the total weight of the purified substance of the machine when the CARD value decreases to 50%.

Specifically, CCM value refers to how much pollutants can be accumulated in the filter material used by the machine. The higher the CCM level, the longer the service life of the filter.

Energy Efficiency Level

That is the ratio of clean air volume to rated power of CARD.

Noise Level

Usually, air purifiers are required to run for a long time, sometimes up to 24 hours. When the maximum CARD value is reached, the corresponding machine volume directly affects your sleep quality. (Machines with noise values between 20 and 70 decibels do not affect sleep quality)

Filter Grade

Different levels of filters will have different purification effects.

A good air purifier usually uses HEPA filter. The higher the HEPA filter level, the smaller the particle diameter through the filter screen, and the better the filtering effect.

Purification Technology

Each purifier brand will focus on different purification technologies. At present, there are four main types of air purifiers on the market:

Physical filtration (air filtration by material media alone, such as HEPA filter technology and activated carbon filtration)

Ion technology (represented by nano-water ion, negative ion, silver ion, etc.)

Chemical decomposition filtration (represented by photocatalysts, etc.)

Electrostatic dust collection (charged particulate matter by high voltage discharge, then absorbed particulate matter by heterosexual charge through built-in parts, but it will bring secondary pollution such as ozone)

Motor Quality

It can be said that the motor is the heart of the air purifier.

Choose the big brand machine as far as possible. The built-in motor has a long service life, which can ensure the stable operation of the purifier. Most purifiers now use brushless motors (with longer life).

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